8 March 2021

UK Based Maths Tutor

From 8 – 16 years old

Tutoring Services

Key Stage 2

Working with primary children was how I started my career, and I am in the unusual and privileged position of having seen how a good foundation can lead to great things in secondary. As a result, the work I undertake with primary children centres around confidence with key topics and concepts, such that they can be applied and developed as the child goes through school.

I am also keen on working with year 6 children who have completed their SATs, with a view to giving them the best possible start in secondary maths. Their whole world changes in year 7, they are both far more independent, but also the youngest in what is very probably the largest environment they have been in. My work with ‘almost year 7 children’ involves firming up ideas from primary, but also working to develop an understanding of some of the new ideas they will face, such as algebra.

Key Stage 3

Once your child starts secondary school, they encounter a huge number of changes. For some, these changes can appear overwhelming and they can quickly begin to struggle. My work with Key Stage Three students involves helping to develop and foster confidence with new topics, the rate of work and the independence that comes with this phase of learning. I also aim to introduce some of the more basic GCSE topics, so that when they move on they will have a good working knowledge of what is expected.

Key Stage 4

Once your child begins their GCSE journey, they can see a much clearer focus. My work with GCSE learners involves supporting the class teacher through working on the same topics as are being done in class, as well as developing confidence with other key topics. Where possible, I try to work on up and coming topics so that the learner feels confident from lesson 1. If they feel confident with the basics, they are more likely to feel able to stretch themselves and make accelerated progress.

As the exam season approaches, I tend to work through past papers, giving information and support for specific questions, but also giving suggestions as to how this question might appear. One of the biggest stumbling blocks of the new GCSEs are that learners are not used to the level of worded comprehension needed. They can do the maths, but sometimes struggle to find it.”

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